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”You’re so full of yourself,” he says.
Well, God forbid that I’m not full of someone else.
God forbid that I prefer to fill myself up
With myself
And not with other people.
God forbid that I feel more comfortable
See, my DNA is one-hundred percent me.
My organs are mine.
My heart is mine,
The blood that fills my veins is mine.
God forbid
That my love
Is mine too.

"You’re so big-headed," he says.
Well, what a shame.
What a shame that my hubris
Intimidates you to the point
That you’re even bothered.
What a shame that we live in a world
Where it’s so much better to be modest
or Humble
or Meek or Shy
or Self-Deprecating
Or Self-Destructive.

"You’re so self-centred," he says.
Well, that’s the worst trait on the list
Isn’t it?
To be your own Sun
And your own Planets,
Orbiting around yourself.
It’s such a shame that I’m not
Centred around anyone else,

Next time someone tells me
That I’m so full of myself,
I’ll just simply ask them,

“And who are you full of?

Full ~ W.J (via cascadingletters)
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